This article will give a small introduction to splitting video files into sequences of single images using the program virtualdub by Avery Lee.


After unpacking the virtualdub archive, start the program by executing virtualdub.exe from the virtualdub directory.

Go to File -> Open Video File... or press CTRL-O to open your video file. If an appropriate video codec for your source file is found the sequence will be loaded and displayed in the main virtualdub window.In our example we chose the Vilnius sample sequence from


Go to File -> Export -> Image Sequence...


The image output dialog will be shown. Fill in the appropriate values:

  • Filename: The base name of your output files.
  • Filename suffix: This will be automatically changed when changing the Output format
  • Minimum number of digits: This defines the numbering scheme used to number your images. When set to 4 (the default value) the first file would be named [basename]0001.tga
  • Directory: The directory which will hold the resulting files.

 Our example settings will generate the files "Vilnius####.tga" in "C:\tmp"


Wait for the program to finish rendering the files.