Dec, 2018

Camera Calibration paper accepted at: VISAPP 2019

In "Constrained Multi Camera Calibration for Lane Merge Observation",
we demonstrate our calibration procedure targeting the highly accurate localization of vehicles in the lane merge scenario (5GCAR Project).


August, 30, 2018


VISCODA is developing in a funded cooperation project an innovative application for 3D reconstruction of the vehicle environment using monocular cameras.

VISCODA enwickelt in einem geförderten Kooperationsprojekt ein innovatives Verfahren für die 3D Rekonstruktion des Fahrzeugumfeldes mit monokularen Kameras.


August, 20, 2018

5GCAR report 'Demonstration Guidelines'

5GCAR report 'Demonstration Guidelines' publicly available.
It includes our demo scenario in which cars are detected, accurately localized, and tracked using a surveillance camera system.
This data is used for the orchestration of the lane merge (e.g. incoming car merges into the traffic on a highway)

April, 26, 2018


VISCODA supports "Zukunftstag für Mädchen und Jungen".

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Feb, 25-28, 2018 

MWC 2018 Demonstration

VISCODA demonstrates video-based tracking of vehicles on MWC 2018 (Barcelona), together with our 5GCAR project partners CTTC, Ericsson, Huawei, and KCL.



Aug, 22-24, 2017

CAIP 2017 Conference

Paper presentation at CAIP 2017 conference in research area: Motion Segmentation using Hypergraphs


June, 6, 2017


VISCODA develops 5G-based connected car Technologies as a member of the EU-funded 5GCAR consortium led by Ericsson

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